Where’s My Bran Muffin?

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Well hello again. It has been a while. I don’t know how this happened, but some how we ended up as one of the first crews done about a week before the deadline. We have spent the past few days trying to get our lives together as the shock of having additional hours of “down time” has taken a toll on us.  Coming into this year our main goal was to make a better movie than last year, and I think we surpassed last year in every way. We made a blooper reel that is  longer than our movie, but due to its length it will not make it on the DVD.  Also, if there was an award for credits we would definitely get it. *air blast* They kick butt.  As for now, we are going to work on secret – I mean a  very uninteresting essay on spaces after periods.  Now if you’ll excuse us we have a blooper reel to finish. 


Leave the blanket…Read this blog

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Loyal blog readers may remember that last year’s buzz for A Sophomore’s Tale mentioned a scene in a police station.  We weren’t able to do that scene, but fortunately the scene we replaced it with turned out to be everyone’s favorite.  Also, I think the scene actually fits better in this year’s movie.  We filmed it yesterday, and all you need to know is that while we were filming it a concerned cop walking by asked what was going on, and another came in with a night stick ready for action.  The scene also marked Matt Ferrara’s return to the film festival.  All of our footage is edited, and we will finish filming next week.

This Movie Stinks!

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Ok, I was just trying to get your attention. Our movie is going along… nicely. We haven’t blogged in a while so to summarize our progress, Connor almost killed us via vehicular manslaughter, Dan Adorn is following us around so he has taken the place of me because I am threatening to shave my beard, and Ara was beaten badly with a broom… by ME. We filmed outside the police station today and got a PRIVATE TOUR of the station (more on that later). Connor is new to blogging so he is observing us in hopes of someday blogging by himself. We were quite happy with the BUZZ even though we don’t really know what an espresso with sugar really means.  

See you next time: Same Cran-time, same Cran-place.

The Buzz

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This script was the surprise of the Independents. I was blown away at how funny and well structured it was. This is the second feature by the dynamic duo of Nick “Pick” Piccirilli and Dave Newman. It also stars Connor Tobin who also acted in their crowd-favorite film A Sophomore’s Tale. So far I’ve been impressed at how well these guys have been keeping to their shooting schedule, and their early footage looks very good and very funny. This is the dark horse of the Independents with a real chance of making a huge splash at this year’s festival. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the film, especially when people realize who is directing and starring in the film. 

Buzz Analysis: An Espresso, with sugar.

Newman’s Deep Thoughts

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There was snow today. A white blanket covered the earth around us as we pondered about life. “whens he coming home,” says James. “I dont know,” replies Stephanie…..

Sorry about that, lost my train of thought. Ummm today we tried to film outside but the snow gotten in the way once again like a clam refusing to open its shell. Last week we filmed in my (Dave’s) basement, or as I like to call it, the man cave. We filmed the scene with me and Connor wearing nothing but bathrobes and now my mom is concerned about me. We are editing in the closet, or as some call it the Pub room.  We plan to film a lot more very soon.

P.S. I am aware most of that made no sense.

Cranberry Mayhem

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We filmed our first scene and the good news is I didn’t completely screw it up.  We have met with our new producer, Matt, who is definately an upgrade from Blauey.  Filming is on a temporary hiatus as Dave decided to shave his beard.  We have also run into a little camera trouble, but Matt is using his skills with google to solve it.  

Stay tuned for the mayhem!

Cranberry Returns

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It has been a long six months since last year’s festival but we’re finally back.  We have quite a few changes this year so lets get right to it.  Dave and I (Nick) are teaming up once again to bring you our second movie, Dropouts.  It’s about, well, two kids that dropout.  Our cameraman, Ara has left to direct his own movie, so I’ll be taking on more of that role.  Blauey is no longer our producer which means that we’ll actually be able to get things done and do things our way.    We had our art direction meeting yesterday, and filming should be starting soon.  Last year was about getting introduced to the film festival, but now that we have a year of experience we’re looking to be a top contender.  

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